Section 8 Chicago

    • Section 8 Chicago is the Independent Supporters’ Association (ISA) for the Chicago Fire Football Club. The ISA is the 501c3 non profit collective of all independent supporter groups and fans of CFFC, and is operated thru a board of directors that are elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting during the off-season (the supporters elect the board as well, your voice can be heard). Promotion and coordination of many matchday activities and assisting in social causes are a cornerstone of SECTION 8 Chicago. Tifo, banners, and pre-game tailgating are their primary objectives for home match days. They also arrange buses for select away matches and host watch parties for those who want to enjoy watching the match with fellow Chicagoland fans. SECTION 8 Chicago also hosts an annual drive for the Greater Chicago Food Depository and contributes to other charities as well, they love to help people. On their website you can find countless resources, including information on away bus trips, an online shop for Fire supporter gear, you can even purchase tickets for upcoming matches so you can be where the action is (in the Harlem End) and help support the team!

Arson City Ultras

      • “WIN OR LOSE, WE COME TO PARTY”. We are the sub-culture that the supporters were born from. The punks, the anti-racist skins, casuals, misfits and everyone in-between. We formed ACU to bring the love of our team to the stadium and support the Fire with excitement and enthusiasm.

Banter Buddies

    • The winner of the 2017 JD Power Best Supporters Group Award, Banter Buddies know that making friends can be hard, and they want to make it easy. Welcome to all fans, new and old, all are invited and all are welcome. Breaking the ice of awkwardness that comes with new friendship, and replacing it with sweet love. They know life can be tough, and understand the joy a match can bring to your weekly grind.

La Banda Roja

    • Located in Sections 121-124, La Banda Roja embraces the support rooted within the Latin American football culture. In collaboration with Sector Latino, and through their own efforts, they host watch parties and other events within the community. Xavier’s Club on the South Side is the home base for La Banda Roja, but you can also find them in sections 121-124 on home match days.

Black Fires

    • Their mission is to celebrate and build black heritage and culture into
    • fandom for both CFFC and the Chicago Red Stars. Their goal is to unite
    • fans of the game and grow the game within the black community.

Fire Club Pineapple

    • Can you handle this Pineapple Express?!? Like the city of Chicago,
    • the pineapple has become a symbol of friendship, hospitality, and
    • prosperity. Fire Club Pineapple embodies all of these qualities from their
    • crown to their core. A group of diverse people connected through their
    • passion for the beautiful game. That same passion is what brought them
    • together, and their friendship is the core that holds it all together.


    • We are the group: Fanbulance Chicago Fire FC Supporters. Our main
    • purpose is to gather our families and friends to enjoy and support our Fire
    • games. We encourage our kids and their friends involved in soccer
    • leagues to come to Soldier Field and experience the Fire Games. Go Fire.

Fire fans of the UK

    • We are the supporters group of the Chicago Fire that represents
    • those from or in the UK. In recent times, we have also found other
    • European fans of the Fire and MLS and actively work to engage them. We
    • hope to act as a conduit for those sharing our love of Chicago and of the
    • Fire in whatever way we are able.

La Resistencia 71

    • Our mission is to ensure that every game is a positive experience for
    • Fire supporters and assuring that the Chicago Fire have a home field
    • advantage. We are a group known for tailgating, away game travel, FIFA
    • tournaments and for brewing a great beer (moral compass). Our group is
    • for all ages and if you have a passion for the Fire as we do, you are more
    • than welcomed to join our movement.

Marshland Casuals

    • Marshland Casuals was founded in 2017 by like-minded individuals
    • that share a love for Chicago Fire football and casual culture. Our motto,
    • “Respect The Brand” is an ethos we live by both on the terraces and in the streets.

Palmeiras Chicago

    • Palmeiras Chicago is an official supporters group of the Brazilian
    • Club – Palmeiras. We are very proud to represent our club and the home
    • team of the city we now call home. It is an honor to cheer and support the
    • Chicago Fire FC, to join its fans during the games, social and philanthropic
    • events around the city. Vamos Fire!

Red Line SG

    • Red Line Supporters Group members are most commonly identified
    • by our signature red jackets, which are earned after working with us to
    • grow soccer in this city for at least one year. We have partnerships with
    • several bars across the city for watch parties, organize a weekly free
    • pickup futsal game, and frequently collaborate with other SGs on merch,
    • banners, and events. We are open to anyone that wants to work with us to
    • grow the game and have a positive impact on our community. We are also
    • weirdly into pop-a-shot and raccoons.

Red Love

    • We are a group of SUPPORTERS for the CHICAGO FIRE F.C. with the
    • mission to gather our families and friends as a FIRE FAMILY AND ENJOY

Sector Latino

    • The Mission of Sector Latino is to continue our 15 year history of a pioneering
    • Latin American style of support in North America to motivate the Chicago Fire, home & away
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